Occasionally I'm lucky enough to be commissioned to produce video-demos of new products for guitar & pedal manufacturers.

16 year me would freak out if he knew that..

These 5-6 minute vids have become real highlights for me, as they they offer a rare creative opportunity to write a piece of original music that aims to distill the purpose of a device both technically & muscally all at once, while staying abreast of new technology.

In October 2017 Mooer comissioned me to produce the first of these videos for their Micro Preamp range of pedals.

The pedals themselves are designed to emulate the sound and feel of historically-significant amplifiers, but without the need to spend thousands acquiring them and mic'ing them up.

The videos below all have the same aim; to demonstrate how each of these amps (and therefore these pedals) has an association with a specific musical genre, and to create a segment of video that demonstrates how these would sound in a very similar setting.

So for a pedal that aims to recreate the snarl of a Peavey 5150 for example, the amp of guitar great Eddie Van Halen, I wrote 20/30 seconds of music that use many of the idiosyncrasies associated with him & his music. 

For a segment that demonstrates the tone of a Marshall JTM 45 for example, I chose to write a piece that has many of the hallmarks of another major proponent of that particular amp too, in this case the incomparable Jeff Beck.

You get the idea.

Gratefully these have been very well received, and consequently there's a few more coming out this year & for a number of different companies.